Boarding Options 

We strongly believe in letting a horse be a horse.  This means 24 hour a day turnout with limited exception.  We look for like minded boarders who understand the importance of this philosophy or are willing to learn.  Please call for pricing , availability and to arrange a visit to the stable for us to meet.

Stall Board


Offered on limited basis  when it is determined to be best for the horse,  medically necessary and/or suggested by a veterinarian. 

Pasture Board


This is the type of board we offer.   Contact us to discuss our fees.   Included in this board is holding for barn used bare foot trimmer or seasonal routine veterinarian care.    We will feed grain daily as provided by owner and do standard worming provided by owner.   Daily health checks of each horse are done.  Additional services are available for a fee including standing for veterinarian for non-routine visits, grooming, exercising and administering supplements or medications.


Why Pasture Board?

 When you pasture board your horse, they will be able to graze for a large portion of the year. Additionally, they won’t be locked in a stall to eat meals, and as long as there is grass available, they won’t need to receive bulk meals of hay. This all amounts to a more natural feeding atmosphere for your horse. Because they can pick away at their meals gradually, and because he can graze, your horse is likely to almost always have food in his stomach. This is an important factor in reducing the chances of colic and helping to prevent the development of ulcers in your horse. Pasture board can result in a healthier digestive system for your horse.


When your horse has continuous access to a pasture, they can move around as much as they like. This increases the amount of activity that they have compared to activity if they were stalled. Movement is good for horses. It helps to prevent obesity, and the act of moving increases the circulation in your horse’s hooves. Additionally, moving regularly can help to keep your horse’s digestive system functioning properly.


When horses are kept in stalls and are separated from other horses, boredom and separation anxiety can occur. Stalls aren’t natural for horses, and some horses tend to stress quite a bit when they’re kept in stalls for significant amounts of time. By removing the stall atmosphere from your horse’s life, it may reduce his stress and boredom.