Lessons and Trainers

What we offer?

We provide custom lessons for all ages and abilities at affordable prices (prices start at $35 an hour).  


We are a multi discipline facility and look to our clients’ needs to figure out what type of riding they would like to do or improve on and start there.  From beginner to advanced, we can help you learn and/or improve your riding. Whether it is western, western pleasure, English, showing , Trail Obstacle or trail riding….  Our job is to prepare you and assist you with meeting your goals. Lessons are all private (unless client wants otherwise) and available in one hour increments. We are not a show barn; but have many years of experience showing horses if that is your goal.  We have a wide variety of well trained horses available for you (or your child) to learn with OR if you want, you can trailer in your own horse with a valid Coggins and Rabies certificate in place.

About Our Trainers


Kari Mesec is the owner of the this facility and has 30+ years’ experience owning, riding, giving lessons, starting and training horses.  She is an amazing rider herself and has helped several hundreds of riders improve their seat and accomplish goals with their horses.  Kari does lessons in all discipline's of riding, including ground work and Trail Obstacle.  In addition, Kari is an Equine Dentist.     Learn more about what Kari does with horse dentistry by visiting her web site at :  http://www.karimesec.com/

Danny Partin is a longtime natural horseman who has extensive experience in dealing with difficult horses and helping people create an amazing bond with their horse through ground work.    He is available by appointment only for lessons in ground work and Trail Obstacle. The basis for his method of horsemanship is Parelli. 


Important Note:  Our facility requires helmets and believes in safety first.  We do offer some helmets, however, if we do not have a properly fitted helmet it must be purchased by client prior to lesson.   We are fully insured.    

Inquiries and Contact Information

Kari Mesec